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Facial treatments

AT SPA Excelsior facial treatments are a priority throughout the year: to return the skin to its natural beauty.

An intimate and elegant  atmosphere, with soft lighting, on the seafront in Marche, here it is possible to find one’s physical and psychological equilibrium and enjoy an intense moment of pure relaxation, in order to feed, protect and relax the skin.

Red seaweed, marine extracts, bamboo extract milk, fruit butter and flower waxes are only a few of the ingredients which the experts at SPA Excelsior use in their unique and unmistakable treatments.

Come and try our range of facial treatments:

ST.BARTH FACIALS € 90 (60 min.)

St.Barth Pureness
Facial and décolletage treatments as well as hand  massage. Natural fragrances and Caribbean elixirs will offer profound relaxation. Your skin will have a purer and fresher appearance thanks to the natural composition of products rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulate the skin cells.

St.Barth Freshness
Facial and décolletage treatments and hand massage. Enjoy this extremely relaxing and refreshing treatment .  The excellent characteristics of the products are enhanced by the properties of fresh fruits.  Your skin will be visibly smoother and firmer.

MURAD FACIALS € 95 (55 min.)

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliating Facial
Exfoliating treatment with fruit acids that gently remove dry cells and leave your skin compact and radiant. Its fresh sensation special formula replenishes the epidermis, hydrating deeply and smoothing and toning your complexion.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Stimulating & Distensive Facial
A treatment that brings together the power of exfoliating fruit acids and the super moisturizing quality of the renowned exotic fruit Durian, rich in essential nutrients for the skin. A special hyaluronic acid formula works its way down to the deepest epidermal layers to flesh out your skin and distend even the most heavily-set wrinkles.

Vitamin C Facial
A treatment based of pure and stabilized Vitamin C which makes skin firm, smooth and bright. Its stimulating action increases the production of collagen, improving skin tone and combating aging. With a strong antioxidant effect, it is suitable for all skin types and illuminates especially dull, spotted or hyper-pigmented skin complexions.

NB: prices are per person